Membership of GHPC

Membership is open to people willing to lead a better life style thru adoption of Yoga, Meditation and Nature Cure and Nature Care.

Members can avail following facilities :

  • Learn and attend daily Yoga Classes including Pranayaam.
  • Do Shatkarmas like Jal neti, Vaman etc..
  • Can do Shankhprashalan once in a month or once in three month as per need of body.
  • Can attend to several Life Management workshop from time to time.
  • Can attend various discourse on Spirituality, Gita, Vedic studies, Yog Sutras and many more from time to time.
  • Can attend to several Nature Cure Workshop from time to time.
  • Can attend meditation Class everyday.

Membership Fees :

  • For Six Months Membership     - Rs 500
  • For Annual Membership           - Rs 1000
  • Lifetime Membership                - Rs 10000