Corruption is the main source of diversion of development funds from needy to greedy people. The judiciary has failed to give justice and book culprits due to flaws in our laws and poor governance models. We need system change at all levels with zeal to take India forward to a Developed nation.

The erosion of moral values by political leaders has lead nation to unrest seen, today everywhere. We need harsh measures, to sensitize the leaders, to make them nationalists and work for welfare of the people for what they are meant and not to rule the people thru wealth and power. For this to happen, the government needs new policies, new systems which deliver and are not just eye wash. Here are some ideas how systems can be changed.

Practice of Yoga enables one to have healthy body and purify the mind . Pure mind leads to pure thoughts and keeps one away from evils and one performs satvic (selfless ) deeds . Pure thoughts kill the enemy within us i.e. ego ,lust ,anger ,greed ,attachment and one becomes calm and humble and respect all as humans irrespective of status, caste, religion and culture.
Yoga is science of both body and mind .It is universal and can be adopted by all irrespective of religion. Yoga can be a common thread for connecting all people under one social platform. Imagine a society in which all people practice Yoga. This will reduce conflicts, ego centric problems, will lead to non violence, develop tolerance and harmonize the society faster.

Yoga is not just doing exercises it means adoption of ethics (for self character and ethics for behavior in society ), Pranayama for conditioning of breathing system and purification of mind, asanas to stay physically fit, pratyahaar / detachment ( control of sense organs ie control of anger, ego, greed, lust, desire etc), concentration (focused mind and connecting to supreme god ), meditation and enlightenment.

Evils of the society begin from minds leading to rise of hidden enemies within us which are rise of ego, pride, greed, jealousy, lust, attachment, anger, selfishness, injustice, cruelty or violence. Thus practice of Yoga is a MIND CHANGER from Violence to Non Violence. Yoga means union of soul with supreme soul so called intelligent designer of universe. Thus world can be united thru umbrella of adopting yoga by all.

Thus practice of yoga will lead for a better self management ,better family and friends relations, good character and ethics and productivity .The people will be more honest ,efficient, free from addictions such as drugs, smoking and respect women and humanity.


    Since moral values are on decline day by day with advent of technology, all schools/ colleges /institutions will have to provide Value Education to cultivate Ethics, discipline, patriotism, Humanism, Global Harmony, Peace, thru Self- realization, Yoga and Meditation, Nature cure and respect for environment.
    Compulsory internship to serve rural areas or serve Military be made compulsory for every graduate, before awarding degrees. Every student has to work compulsory for six months, in rural areas to understand problems of small towns/ villages. They will work under district Block Development Officer or Hospital or for development projects.
    Those who do not want to go for rural internship can get option to get training in Military to learn discipline and work for the nation. During this period student will get stipend. Students will be awarded graduation only when they finish their internship. This will apply to all disciplines like arts, engineering, medical, commerce etc.


    Nationalize all public and private schools and let rich and poor children study under one common roof till High school. This will make a cast less, equitable society in future. Children will get uniform education and equal opportunities. Economic stress on parents will be drastically reduced and will lead to a more RAMESH KUMAR, GLOBAL HARMONY AND PEACE CENTRE WWW.GHPC.ORG.IN peaceful society with less crimes. Today parents work hard to earn extra money so that their children could get admission in private schools. With free education they will be relieved of this economic burden and will find more free time for more useful creative activities for the family.
    No to privatisation of public education be allowed and no to government funding of private schools.
  2. Ban Tutorial classesfor entrance examinations to medical and IIT admissions, and let children be selected on their natural own merits and aptitude. This will also reduce economic burden on parents and unnecessary stress on students, who can now spend more time on extracurricular, social and sports activities.
    For higher studies like engineering, management, IT, health care Government should provide education loans to students at lower rates and recover the loan amount when the students start earning. However, parents won’t be asked to share loan amount. The loan agreement will be direct between student and government. This will make students more independent and responsible for their career in place of depending upon parents. This practice is very much success in advance nations.
  4. All Hospitals to have compulsory yoga , meditation and Naturopathy as alternative therapy along with allopathy at highly subsidized rates.

3. Support to manufacturing / Realizing Make In India

  1. GST on products and services made by manufacturing in India to be 5 % (maximum). There will be no MODVAT on this and no need to keep records. No input tax rebate. Reduced GST rates will make products competitive to imports from China.
  2. To encourage manufacturing with quality and international standards all machines and technologies imported must be allowed with net 5 % Customs duty. No indirect add on.
  3. SSI / MSI Industries must be given cheaper lands, but at least 100 kms away from main towns and with proper infrastructure like roads , electricity, sewerage , and water.
  4. Government will provide its own waste processing plant so that industrial waste is not dumped into nearby lake or river. Eco friendly technologies to be used in manufacturing.
  5. The government industrial development officers will facilitate and guide entrepreneurs and not behave as police inspectors.

4. Good Governance thru accountability
Good governance is a system that delivers services to its citizens without any bias to status, caste of position. India and many similar Asian nations have very poor, slow, and lethargic judicial system. Bureaucrats have no accountability. The people in power and politics often misuse their power with support of bureaucrats to meet selfish motives. Political rivals use media to negate reforms and positive development of government in power. In such atmosphere drastic changes are required where law can be enforced with strictness. Bureaucrats should be made accountable and should be punished for non-performance or given rewards for good performance.

  1. There are few generic defects of traditional liberal democracy leading to growth of competition, militarism/ terrorism, inequality, and corruption. Too much democracy is counterproductive and often misused by leftist or rightist. Human rights and freedom are absolute necessary but not at cost of disharmony, or causing loss to mankind, and national integration, counter to national goals and hurting others.
  2. Strict rules and regulations should be enforced and the citizens whether rich or poor should have general respect for abiding the law of the land and should be scared of flouting rules, damaging public property or violating traffic rules or doing economic offences.

5. New Political System
The politics world over is getting criminalized day by day. The race to win in politics and business is so intense that it is killing all ethics. Law makers have become most law breakers. The political system worldwide has become most corrupt and root cause of unrest everywhere. The greed to lust and power makes politicians to commit crimes to beat rivals in elections.

  1. We need to ddiscard concept of crony capitalism where industry and governments favour each other at cost of public. In general, any system that allows paid advertising for candidates who opt for elections, polarizes minds of voters and weakens democracy. In practice, it is almost the same as allowing purchasing of ballot.
  2. Non- Partisan system of democracy is a better alternative to party-based system. This is not new. It existed in Greece and practiced even now in few nations in the world. Since the party system has failed and has been criminalized, it is suggested that Non- partisan democracy system be set up in elections
  3. The need is for searching leaders who can work selflessly to make a just and equitable society. There is need to allow only selfless, knowledgeable, dedicated persons who vow to renounce, can dedicate their life for betterment of their respective area.
  4. A new party will have its manifesto on these lines
    • Maximum age for Minister, Prime-minister, President to be 65 years
    • Voting age to be 15 years
    • One can be a Minister, Prime-minister, President only once
    • Only one member of family to be in politics to stop dynasty rule.
    • Health-Housing-Education for all
    • Fifty percent participation to women on all elected posts.
    • Education to be free for all, at all levels, without discrimination and at local schools.
    • Health-care to be free for all, at all levels, without discrimination and be available locally.
    • Housing a must for all.
    • Transportation and Internet to be of highest standards and for all on a near zero minimal cost basis.
    • Alternative energy to be the main source of supplying energy needs, ending, asap, the need of oil and middle-men in its economics and distribution. No to Nuclear energy in any manner whatsoever.
    • No to speculation and/or hoarding of any kind of political leaders.
    • Farmers’ cooperatives to be owned and managed by the farmers concerned, linked into consumers’ cooperatives to bring good rates and good prices to all.
    • No to genetically modified foodstuff.
    • Disarmament with all neighbours, address disputes thru dialogue.
    • Monitoring of annual cut in arms stock on border nations on neighbouring nations. No use of Violence to solve disputes with neighbouring countries No FDI at the cost of local emp
  5. Professionals with high achievements in life will be selected by an advisory council to Executive Cabinet, consisting of senior representatives from University, research establishments, Judiciary, Security etc. The laws in parliament will be made on majority voting and consensus.

World needs Humanism, which puts the value of all human life as the central value and concern, higher than money or institutions. Promoting non-violence as the only way to achieve results. The traditional religion has been misused by religious heads to create supremacy of one class and the world has witnessed endless wars on grounds of religion since inception of known history. In the process we have forgotten the real purpose of religion. In a cohesive society the aim of religion should be, to be a good human being.
So, religion must teach us to respect elders, parents, teachers and seniors. We have moral duty and accountability towards our family, society, and nation. Religion teaches us to have good manners, noble behaviors, attitude of love towards all human beings (care for humans), discipline etc. Religion also advises fair practice and honesty in dealing with family relations, business transactions and trade practices. Most of the religions teach ethics and moral values. So, all must respect each other’s religion in place of establishing supremacy.

  1. Practice of religious rituals that pollute air, water and noise level and block road traffic should be strictly banned. For all religions Religious symbolism, rituals, prejudice and unique identity should be slowly diluted and move to humanity.
  2. People should shed away slowly Religious symbols and be good human beings. The world will get peace when hardcore religious men / women,
    will shed their religious symbols and join mainstream world citizens.
    The peace will come fast when people,
    will shed religious rituals and work for humanity, equality and harmony. The peace will come still faster when all,
    start realizing self- consciousness and take decisions for the betterment
    of society in place of running after materialistic pursuits.
    The peace will come still fastest when all,
    start adopting Yoga, meditation and nature cure for betterment of body and


  1. Cremation for Hindus should be strictly thru gas and electric cremation and wood burning should be slowly banned in phased manner.
  2. Crop burning should be banned with strict rules and capital punishment.
  3. No New construction projects in existing metro towns within vicinity of 100 kms, be allowed to de congest them. No new projects such as shopping malls/ office complex, central / state govt offices, educational institutions of higher studies, and factories be allowed within 100 km of existing metro towns at any cost.

Yoga is union of the body, mind, and spirit and this is what differentiates yoga from general exercise programs. Consistent yoga practice improves depression and can lead to significant increases in serotonin levels the happy hormones and increase immune system. One of the main goals of yoga is to achieve tranquility of the mind and create a sense of well-being, feelings of relaxation, improved self-confidence, improved efficiency, increased attentiveness, lowered irritability, and an optimistic outlook on life. Thus, adoption of yoga enables people to harmonize the relations within the family, within the community and within the individual.

At the epicenter of reforms in the society is self-transformation as source of good or evil thoughts, originate from the mind. Often we ignore, self-consciousness due to our ego, and run after physical comforts for self. Ignoring selfconsciousness and caring only for physical comforts, we create all type of problems around us whether it is our self, or our family relations or our society, or our nation or our world. The unrest that starts from self-spills over to world due to our egoism, the centre of which is self-consciousness, which once established by all, will lead to a better world.

Self- realization occurs thru management and coordination between mind, intellect, consciousness, physical body and the ego. The perfect coordination is RAMESH KUMAR, GLOBAL HARMONY AND PEACE CENTRE WWW.GHPC.ORG.IN achieved thru yoga and meditation. New ideas will continue to hatch as long as humans work on self- transformation leading to evolution of new systems that will lead to a more peaceful world tomorrow


  1. Ayodhya Temple - The Supreme court should give its verdict based upon Archeological findings and built the temple. Mosque can be relocated. In order to build cordial relations between all religions, Ram Temple should start a high tech research center in Ayodhya on Spirituality ( where scholars for all religions will do research on Spiritualism and Humanism with aim to improve quality of life of people. )
  2. Kashmir Issue on Article 371 : The Supreme court should give its verdict based upon Archeological findings and built the temple. Mosque can be relocated. In order to build cordial relations between all religions, Ram Temple should start a high tech research center in Ayodhya on Spirituality ( where scholars for all religions will do research on Spiritualism and Humanism with aim to improve quality of life of people. )
  3. MNCs The Supreme court should give its verdict based upon Archeological findings and built the temple. Mosque can be relocated. In order to build cordial relations between all religions, Ram Temple should start a high tech research center in Ayodhya on Spirituality ( where scholars for all religions will do research on Spiritualism and Humanism with aim to improve quality of life of people. )

10. TARGETED DISARMAMENT Even though every nation says it wants to live in peace, we spend billion dollars every day to defend ourselves against each other. This is the worst conceivable waste of resources. If all nations start disarmament by 10 % annual, we could save billions of dollars that could be used for welfare of poor. Modi ji can set a revolution by decreasing defense budget by 10% annually.

11. NEW UNBIASED UNO A new UNO which represents equal rights for all sovereign nations with a strong effective control is very much needed. The new UNO won’t have any veto power assigned to any nation but represents equal status among member nations. All conflicts will be resolved thru majority vote. India can take a lead on concept of new UNO.