About Prabhuji RamLal Ji Maharaj

Ramlal Prabhuji (1888-1938]] was one of the greatest Yogis of the Himalayas.He was born in Amritsar, Punjab, in 1888. His father was a great astrolog and was his first teacher in Astrology. From a young age he went to Kashi to study Astrology, Ayurveda and Yoga.

He learnt Yoga, especially Patanjali's Ashtanga Yoga, under many renown gurus of that time.In 1905 his father married him to Srimati Subhadra Devi. He completed his studies at Kurukshetra in Haryana under Pundit Balaraj.In 1907 his father died and Prabhuji left his home for Haridwar. He stayed at Bhrahmapuri, in a dense wild forest, 11 kilometers away from Rishikesh. Also he stayed in Vashishtha cave.During this period he taught Yoga to the famous yogis Hiragiri and Kripalanandji. He stayed in Kathagodan, at the foothills of Himalayas and cured people by prescribing them medical herbs.In Muradabad he turned saint Laxmandas to the right spiritual path.

Also in Muradabad he met a child yogi, later known as the famous Devraha Baba. Prabhuji awakened his Kundalini and granted him the mastery of Kechari State of Yoga.During his trip from Jaspur to Ayodhya he met Avdhutani Sulabha whom he initiated in superior Yoga and she was able to see Lord Krishna.Then Prabhuji went to village Sawain, in Etmatpur, Agra. There he stayed for a while with Pyrelal. The villagers came to him to be cured and to learn Yoga. He became famous as a Guru. The villagers built for him the famous Siddha Gufa (Siddha Cave), to create for him the necessary condition to stay in his uninterrupted Samadhi, when he want, without any disturbances. Prabhuji blessed the sand of the Cave, this becoming a healing one if applied on forehead or eaten with devotion.

Then, under his guidance, the villagers constructed a pond (today is no more existing) whose water cured the skin diseases.On order not to be disturbed in his Cave, the villagers locked him from outside. One day, Pabhuji decided to left Sawain for Nepal Himalayas. The villagers saw him flying (levitating) in air traveling to Himalayas. When they came to the cave, they found it further locked from outside and inside were only the Prabhuji's container of water and a piece of clothes he stayed on during meditation. In Kashi he blessed a humble brahmachari with the highest state of Yoga.

During his stay at a house of a Pundit, a Vama Tantric performed black magic. Prabhuji went at him in his astral body and distroyed all his ritual. Squared, the tantric kneeled down at his feet, asking for forgiveness. Prabhiji forgived him and initiated him in Siddha Yoga.On the banks of the river Narmada there was a Temple where some horibble evil ghosts came and everybody who stayed over night there was found dead in morning. Prabhuji came at the Temple and purified it from any ghost and bad spirits.

In a village he met Hariram, a young who was disposed to give his life for Prabhuji. Seeing this, Prabhuji gave him the power to conquer the elements and guaranteed him also the Samadhi, in which Hariram, from that time named Hariharananda, remain for eight days. Prabhuji adviced him to went to the hill Sheshagiri, to stay there. Hariharananda stayed there to deepen his Samadhi, from which he exited only once at every three months. Once, Hariharananda was sent by Prabhuji to conquer a sadhu who exhibited a sidhi, having a container that always looked empty but cannot be filled with food anymore, no matter how much food was put inside of it. Hariharananda came to him, purred puddind in it and made the container to overflow. The sadhu asked for forgiveness which Hariharananda agreed, but asking the sadhu never missuse his siddhis, but to direct his effort to attain Liberation.

Prabhuji blessed sister Draupadi to attain the highest realization, in the state of Turyavastha. When she oferred the food the Lord Krishna, often the people can see that a part of the food disappeared, eaten by Bhagavan (The Lord).A boatman from Kashi, named Medhu, asked Prabhuji to appear in front of him and Prabhuji appeared in front of him in Kashi, even if at that moment Prabhuji was at Rishikesh, hundreds of kilometers away.Prabhuji put back to life a poor man, named Babu Singh, who died by poison of opium. Later, Prabhuji blessed him at his daughter marriage. He gave him his slippers, asking him to keep them in the place where the food was prepared. He did this, and all the vesels remained uninterrupted full of food, up to the moment when the last invited people at the marriage eaten.Twelve years after leaving Savain village, Prabhuji returned to Rishikesh, where he put back to life a boy, the dead son of a village headman.

At Jamuniaghar (at the border between Bihar and Bengal), he met a man who want to kill her daughter, Ramrati, because she brought disgrace to her family by being drunk and having illicit relationship with many persons. Prabhuji asked her if she is disposed to renounce to her vicious life for another one of much intense pleasure. She agreed. Then Prabhuji asked her to stay in meditation pose and blessed her with the state of spiritual realization. Prabhuji said that she will be known as a Devi (saint) And anybody who will serve her will have the desires fulfilled. Indeed she become a saint, remaining there for twelve years to deepen in Samadhi. After twelve years Prabhuji came back and found her to be a saint woman guiding people on the spiritual path.Saroj was a woman left by her husband for another woman. She came to Prabhuji who initiated her in Panchakshara Mantra of Shiva. Then she attain a high state of spiritual realization seeing Lord Shiva. She predicted her death during Navaratri festival. She inded died during Navaratri, at her own will, at the age of 24.

In Dulhe ka Katla, in Amritsar, there was a drunkard man of low character, named Saidas. Disperatedly, her mother brought him to Prabhuji, asking for help.Prabhuji guaranteed him a state of divine blessing, but asking her mother never take him at any party where people are drinking alcohool. Despite of this instruction of Prabhuji, her mother took him a marriage ceremony. Her son became again drunkard, never escaping from this, loosing hir state of divine blessing.Prabhuji met a married woman who was very strong attracted to a man. He adviced her how to meditate on that man and she entered Samadhi, instead of that man seeing the form of Lord Krishna. Therefore she become again a faithfull wife and, more of that, a true devotee.A disciple of Shri Lakshnan Das, living in a village on tha banks of the river Yamuna, saw Prabhuji in a vision helping him from the flood of Yamuna river, and because of him, a devotee of Krishna, the entire village was saved.Brahmachari Gopalanand, a disciple of Prabhuji, was blessed by him to have high states of spiritual realization, seeing in visions Lord Krishna and Guru Nanak.


Prabhuji left his mortal body at Amritsar in 1938. Soon after that he appeared in physical body to many people, in different places.One day, a young saint asked Prabhuji for initiation. Prabhuji appeared in the sky, speaking to him and initiated him in Siddha Yoga.Saint Narayan Das also asked Prabhuji for initiation. Prabhuji appeared to him in a new body, granted him the realization of Kechary State of Yoga.After his death, Prabhuji appeared to one of his relative, named Mr. Dulichard, at Guru ke Batale, 8 miles away from Amritsar. Prabhuji asked him to go to Amritsar and also to tell all the disciples that he went to Nepal Himalayas and also not to worry about him. Mr. Dulchard spent hours with Prabhuji, they took lunch, then Mr. Dulichard left for Amritsar to pass the message of Prabhuji to his relatives. But arriving to Amritsar, Dulchard was shocked. In front of him there was the dead body of Prabhuji, which was already dead during the time they spent hours together at Guru ke Batale. By this, people understood again that Prabhuji was a Siddha.

Saint Lal Baba, who is even now living at Muni ki Reti in Rishikesh, narrates he had two journey to Nepal Himalayas to meet Prabhuji. After a lung journey, he arrived at Prabhuji abode, at place without vegetation. Prabhuji agreed to appear in front of him. Later Prabhuji oferred him freshly prepared food not to be found in Himalayas. Then Prabhuji asked him never come back to see him because he must take care of him during such a dangerous journey. Later, Lal Baba met again Prabhuji in his ashram in Rishikesh, when Lal Baba was bitten by a snake and he felt he is dying. He entered in meditation, in his rom, and chanted the Sanskrit verse "O Lord, please take me in your arms, as I am now leaving my body." During this chanting he felt the hand of Prabhuji on his head, and a divine grace took him in a deep Samadhi for 41 days. During this time he remained in his meditation posture, without water or food. Because of the grace of Prabhuji, Lal Baba survived.


Prabhuji was a Maha Siddha, a master with great spiritual powers, including the power to levitate, to bring deaths to live, to give Enlightenment, to heal diseases, etc. He taught Maha Siddha Yoga, including classical Yoga (especially Patanjali Yoga) and Kundalini Yoga. Hatha Yoga was also taught, including the special original asanas (like Jeevan Tattav) created by Ramlal Prabhuji for his disciples (his personal contribution to Hatha Yoga).


Ramlal Prabhuji had many disciples, but few of them were close to him and were authorised to teach. - CHANDRA MOHAN was a direct disciple of Prabhuji. One of his actual direct disciples is ACHARYA CHANDRAHAS SHARMA. - VEDULA SATYANANDA RAO was a direct disciple of Prabhuji. His actual most well known direct disciple is GURU NAVARA. - SHYAMLAL KHANNA was a direct disciple of Prabhuji. - SWAMI MULAKH RAJ was a direct disciple of Prabhuji. His disciple is CHAMAN LAL KAPUR.