We find that contemporary materialistic society has emerged out with more complex social issues leading to unrest, disharmony, inequality, violent minds, erratic lifestyle, environmental degradation, and unending internal and external conflicts. The science and technology development has given us sensory pleasures , added comforts but no inner peace. There is erosion of social values everywhere. Our elected law makers have become law breakers and setting bad example to public.

The traditional religious rituals we have been doing or dictated by local priests and religious leaders need to be questioned by self searching soul, and need to be re looked whether they are serving humanity.

Peace begins from self

Peace starts from within us from the self the eternal soul, but we ignore self consciousness due to our ego, and run after physical comforts and materialistic world. Ignoring self consciousness and caring only for physical body comforts ,we create all type of problems around us whether it is our self , or our family relations or our society, or our nation or our world . The unrest that starts from self spills over to world due to our egoism , the centre of which is self consciousness, which once established by all, will lead to a better world.


Practice of Yoga enables one to have healthy body and purify the mind . Pure mind leads to pure thoughts and keeps one away from evils and one performs satvic (selfless ) deeds . Pure thoughts kill the enemy within us i.e. ego ,lust ,anger ,greed ,attachment and one becomes calm and humble and respect all as humans irrespective of status, caste, religion and culture.
Yoga is science of both body and mind .It is universal and can be adopted by all irrespective of religion. Yoga can be a common thread for connecting all people under one social platform. Imagine a society in which all people practice Yoga. This will reduce conflicts, ego centric problems, will lead to non violence, develop tolerance and harmonize the society faster.

Yoga is not just doing exercises it means adoption of ethics (for self character and ethics for behavior in society ), Pranayama for conditioning of breathing system and purification of mind, asanas to stay physically fit, pratyahaar / detachment ( control of sense organs ie control of anger, ego, greed, lust, desire etc), concentration (focused mind and connecting to supreme god ), meditation and enlightenment.

Evils of the society begin from minds leading to rise of hidden enemies within us which are rise of ego, pride, greed, jealousy, lust, attachment, anger, selfishness, injustice, cruelty or violence. Thus practice of Yoga is a MIND CHANGER from Violence to Non Violence. Yoga means union of soul with supreme soul so called intelligent designer of universe. Thus world can be united thru umbrella of adopting yoga by all.

Thus practice of yoga will lead for a better self management ,better family and friends relations, good character and ethics and productivity .The people will be more honest ,efficient, free from addictions such as drugs, smoking and respect women and humanity.