Return to Nature for Humanity, Harmony and Happiness


The science and technology development has given us sensory pleasures, added comforts but no inner peace. Endless here is erosion of social values everywhere.unrest, disharmony, inequality, violent minds, erratic lifestyle, environmental degradation, and unending internal and external conflicts.

Blind practice of religious rituals devoid of humanity and ignoring inner voice is also a major factor for the growing crisis. The need for better education and enriching children with right knowledge is very important in this industrial and materialistic age.

Modern children are exposed to violence through childhood by addicting them with children’s comics, toys and video games, news channels, cinema; TV soaps play it out in every home and heart. 

Practice of   Yoga and meditation leads to better health and better mind.

Ethics, Good behavior , respect for seniors, respect for parents and children, respect for law of the land, Non Violence, Truth, Cleanliness, care for the needy, human values, inequality, good governance, Peace and Harmony, dissolving ego, Conflict management, health management thru yoga, nature cure and nature care are important subjects that must be exposed/ taught to every citizen.

Yoga enables one to have healthy body and purify the mind. Pure mind leads to pure thoughts and keeps one away from evils and bad thoughts. Pure thoughts kill the enemy   within us i.e. ego, anger,greed, etc. One becomes calm and humble and respect all as humans irrespective of   status, caste, religion and culture.

Nature is best example of harmony between its habitats like plants, trees, forests, land, mountains, oceans, animals, insects, and human beings. All are dependent on each other. But human beings are destroying this harmony and balance of nature due to its greed, expansion and excessive use thru science and development.

We have lost alignment with nature and nature has started punishing us thru excessive violent minds, climate change, and increase in natural and man made disasters. The future generations is going to curse us for not caring our planet. 

Return to Nature and limiting our needs and dependency on science and development, is the only way to grow with healthy body and healthy mind.  People should be given basic understanding of nature cure, nature care, and nature harmony so that future generations have more concern about nature. Nature has given us auto healing system but we run after medicines to heal and weaken our health. Nature teaches us that we can get natural healing thru returning to nature with air, water, sun light natural food, yoga and meditation.

This paper explains basic concept of Nature principles, the auto healing system gifted by nature to us, and how aligning with nature we can be free from medicines and have healthy body, healthy mind and pure soul to save the future generations from forthcoming disasters.

Major nature principles are derived from the book  “The New Science of Healing” by Louis Kuhne published in 1891 and  “Return to Nature “ by ADOLF  JUST      published  in  1903.

1       Major Deviations from Nature by Man (few examples)

  • Man was borne naked, but due to evolution of human minds and social living, man started covering his body. Today man covers his entire body thru tight cloths. But the billions of human cells that constitute the  body do respiration and release carbon dioxide, which gets trapped in clothes, goes back into the body and leads to diseases. 
  • Man also started  living in closed houses / with air conditioning thus shunting fresh air and direct sun light.
  • Eating processed , and unnatural food .
  • Teeth and  digestive system of humans is not designed by nature to eat  raw meat, but we cook meat add spices and cheat the tongue to accept food. 
  • Use of medicines for curing disease instead of  letting auto healing by returning to nature thru air, light, water, natural food and yoga and meditation.
  • We have reduced on walking and depend upon vehicles. Mahatma Gandhi wrote in his book published in 1902 and 1942 “Arogyakikunji“ that a healthy person is one who can walk without getting tired  for 12 to 15 miles a day.
  • Humans have polluted air, water  and eating away natural resources faster with support of science and technology for sensory pleasure.

2       Auto Healing system of a Normal  Healthy Body

A Normal  healthy body  is designed by Nature to expel  any foreign matter , waste fluids, gases etc  thru

  1. SWEATING  - for expulsion of   Toxins/ morbid matter by the body cells.
  2. Respiration to release waste  gases/ carbon dioxide by   Body cells  and lungs
  3.  Waste fluid  thru urine thru kidneys
  4.  Waste solid  thru  excretion

  AUTO HEALING  still  works when we over eat and stress various the organs by   symptoms like  fever ,pain, eruptions in skin, or swelling, common cold, cough , diarrhoea , vomiting

DISEASES ARE  SIGNS OF  AUTO RECOVERY  of  body thru expulsion of toxins – so we should welcome them.


 3 Why we get sick

We fall sick due to following reasons

1   Eating Unnatural  food / processed food / frozen /canned food / medicines/ alcohol etc.

2 Wrong life style like late sleeping polluted environment, lack of walking and exercises.

3 Negative thoughts/ emotions  like anger, jealousy, hate etc.weakens immune system due to less secretion of dopamine, beta morphine and, serotonin hormones.

Our body is made of five  basic elements  i.e. water, air, earth, fire and ether .The nature says that  the body if gets sick will be healed only thru these five elements  only. 


Water  is best source of  expulsion of toxins from body. Some Yogic  shuddhi kriyaas like jalneti is useful to clean nasal system and get rid of nasal congestion, tonsilitis , throat soar, sinus, asthma etc. Thru Vamanwe clean stomach thru warm water  and this improves acidity and digestion.


  • Houses and rooms should be airy  and access to direct sun light.Avoid  Air conditioning  of rooms.
  • Pranayam is the best remedy  for most of  physical and mental diseases.   Pranayam  lets transport oxygen and nutrients  while , Cleaning toxins at cellular levels  and Cell function improves. Pranayam also strengthens nervous system  and purifies the consciousness,rejuvenates the cells and organs.


  • Earth has tremendous healing power hidden in its soil due to  continuous absorption of sun radiation by earth. Many deadly diseases are reported to have been cure by lying bare on earth, without clothes, in woods for few days.
  • In case of sickness we must eat only natural food and avoid processed and over cooked  food.
  • Fasting expels toxins faster  from body and makes all body systems back to normal and healthy.


  • Sunbathing improves blood circulation Sunbathing expels toxins from the body. Sun rays help in synthesis of vitamin D. It is important to stay hydrated during sunbath.


  • Earth, water, air and fire are four physical elements that describe the material Universe. But ether, the fifth element, describes the Spirit that exists beyond matter. It is the space out of which all material objects spring forth. This is awakening which one realizes thru meditation.
  • Meditation affects brain cells specifically in our limbic nervous system (base of brain), which controls metabolism,         blood pressure, respiration, heart rate and Our emotions. Basic to success in meditation is continuous practice and detachment from worldly pleasures.


So how to bring harmony and humanity ? This is possible only if we have honest selfless leaders from Mercy group, wiling to serve for welfare of masses. How to get people to work selflessly, without crave for  wealth and power ?

The only way is when people start  looking inward by shunning external sensory pleasures. The inner journey  is more  pleasurable, satisfying, successful, rewarding, but not unless one starts realising this, not unless one starts listening to his inner pure consciousness, which always gives an alert that the action that one is doing is right or wrong. YogSadhnas help in development of healthy body,  healthy mind and intellect.

Jai Guru Dev.